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SIVANCARNO offers quality and best-value industrial control products. With our experience established over 25 years SIVANCARNO is able to provide you with products and solutions for all your sensor and control automation applications. SIVANCARNO was established in 1992 specializing in offering sensing and automation solutions to industries. Today we offer products and solutions to industries in the following business fields. · Sensing Solutions · Connectivity and Networking Solutions · Monitoring and Control Solutions · Measuring and Counting Solutions · Machine Safety Solutions · Level Control Solutions Our experience gained over more than two decades is your benefit We represent well known and reputable manufacturers in providing our customers with reliable and best-value solutions. Our customized approach ensures that our clients' needs are well taken care of. Reliability and Integrity are our core values. Call Us Today!

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SivanCarno History

  • 2018Brainchild Exclusive Agent

    Brainchild Taiwan (brainchild.com.tw)
  • 2017Chenzhu Instrument Exclusive Agent

    Chenzhu Instrument China (chenzhu-inst.com)
  • 2017KOSAPLUS Exclusive Agent

    KOSAPLUS Korea (kosaplus.com)
  • 2017EUCHNER Exclusive Agent

    EUCHNER Germany (euchner.de)
  • 2016SYM Exclusive Agent

    SYM Korea (sym21.com)
  • 2016KGAUTO Exclusive Agent

    KGAUTO Korea (kgauto.co.kr)
  • 2016AKUSENSE Exclusive Agent

    AKUSENSE China (akusense.com)
  • 2015UNI-T Exclusive Agent

    UNI-T china (uni-trend.com)
  • 2015GASDNA Exclusive Agent

    GASDNA Korea (gasdna.com)
  • 2004Optex Exclusive Agent

    OPTEX factory automation Japan (optex-fa.com)
  • 2004Optex Exclusive Agent

    OPTEX japan (optex.co.jp/meas)
  • 2003HANYOUNG Exclusive Agent

    HANYOUNG Korea (hynux.net)
  • 2000 Autonics Exclusive Agent

    Autonics Korea (www.autonics.com)